Nuclear Powered Submarine Designs

Nuclear Powered Submarine Collection

This design collection commemorates the United States Navy's collection of Nuclear Powered Submarines.  

Each design can be personalized to include boat name, warfare insignia, name, rate, years served and custom text.

If you don't see what you're looking for or would like to request a design or product, please contact us.

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Nuclear Powered Submarine Designs

Two Great Submarine Books We Recommend

For each book sold, $5 from each sale is donated to the Submarine Veteran Scholarship Fund. So you get a Two-Fer - you get an enjoyable read, and you are helping to invest in the future of a young person and our country at the same time. 

Click the book cover to be taken directly to the location you can purchase the book on Amazon. To learn more about the books, authors and other purchase options visit Sub Tales.

USS Nautilus Underway on Nuclear Power

USS Nautilus during her initial sea trials, 20 January 1955

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