Nuke Humor

Nuke Tees looks cool and tell a great story.   

Our unique Nuke t-shirts tell the story of life in the Navy Nuclear Power Program with insider designs only someone who's currnently serving or survived the nuclear pipeline will understand.  From Nuclear Power School Alumni gear to Fleet Nuke life, we've literally got you covered with tees, hoodies, challenge coins, patches and decals.

Every Nuke tee is designed by Nukes for Nukes,  printed locally in our shop in the USA  and shipped directly from us to you. This process ensures we have the largest selection of quality products, great prices and best customer experience.  

  • Neutron Transport Equation Thumbnail

    Neutron Transport Equation

    6 Products
  • Six Factor Formula Thumbnail

    Six Factor Formula

    5 Products
  • Reactor vs Everybody Thumbnail

    Reactor vs Everybody

    26 Products
  • World's Okayest Nuke Thumbnail

    World's Okayest Nuke

    33 Products
  • DINQ AF Thumbnail


    12 Products
  • Sharks Cove Thumbnail

    Sharks Cove

    9 Products
  • World's Greatest Nuke Thumbnail

    World's Greatest Nuke

    24 Products
  • GW Reactor Dept 24/7 Thumbnail

    GW Reactor Dept 24/7

    5 Products
  • F Bomb Thumbnail

    F Bomb

    19 Products
  • Executive Order - It Gets Better After ORSE Thumbnail

    Executive Order - It Gets Better After ORSE

    3 Products
  • Sorry I Bagged the Watch Thumbnail

    Sorry I Bagged the Watch

    27 Products
  • Top Nuke Thumbnail

    Top Nuke

    10 Products
  • Paper Clip Thumbnail

    Paper Clip

    1 Products
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