Welcome to Half-Life Clothing Company 2.0

NukeTees has acquired Half-Life Clothing Company brand & assets.  Half-Life Clothing Company with NukeTees collection of Naval Nuclear Power School Alumni & Alumnus designs, is the lifestyle brand for past, current and future members of the Navy Nuclear Power community.  Read the Press Release.

What's new?

  • More styles, colors and sizes for every design.
  • Class designs (LA, Nimitz, Ohio and Ford) are available for personalization, making every boat & ship in each class possible via our customization engine


What hasn't changed?

  • We're carrying forward everything you loved about Half-Life Clothing Company and taking it to the next level. 

    You can continue to expect great products, great printing and great customer service!


What can you expect going forward?

  • New designs, more products and more of what you want.

    Contact Us and tell us what's important to you.

Unofficial Outfitter of the Nuclear Navy

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