Poseidon Collection
  • Poseidon, like many Nukes, is vengeful when insulted but more notably is the God of the sea and the protector of all waters.  Sailors rely upon him for safe passage above and below all waters.

    Popular Nuclear Power School shirt in the 90's.  If you've lost or "outgrown" your shirt or just looking for an upgrade, grab one of our Nuke School Poseidon tees, personalized with your class number.

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Poseidon Navy Nuclear Power School (NNPS) Collection

  • Poseidon NNPS Alumnus Thumbnail

    Poseidon NNPS Alumnus

    17 Products
  • Poseidon NNPS with Class Number Thumbnail

    Poseidon NNPS with Class Number

    5 Products
  • NNPS Alumnus with Poseiden & Class Number (TD Thumbnail

    NNPS Alumnus with Poseiden & Class Number (TD

    9 Products

Naval Nuclear Power School (NNPS @ NNPTC) Alumnus Collection

  • NNPS Alumnus (TD) Thumbnail

    NNPS Alumnus (TD)

    9 Products
  • NNPS Alumnus - Full Color (TD) Thumbnail

    NNPS Alumnus - Full Color (TD)

    15 Products
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